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The segment included gangsters, tanks, stacking dolls and women showing a lot of flesh.While there's been much chatter in the global media about Russian military activity off the Swedish island of Gotland, most Russians have never even heard of the place, writes Stockholm-based Russian journalist Elena Bazina.Modern military equipment means that aircraft can be detected even when transponders aren't switched on, but if they have been turned off this prevents any communication.The average Russian lives in a world where Sweden is a successful country - identified by ABBA, Astrid Lindgren and the non-existent "Swedish family".

NATO aircraft do the same when flying close to Russia. The function of a plane's transponder is to transmit signals about where aircraft are and to allow other military, airlines or airport staff to communicate with that plane.

The upgrades will commence in the fourth quarter of 2017.

In December 2015, MTS and Ericsson signed a letter of intent about 5G.

The most common question I - as Russian journalist - got asked by the Swedes I met was "what does Putin want? The Swedish Institute recently conducted a study, which was also presented at a seminar in Almedalen, which suggested that 67 Russians viewed Sweden in a positive light, and 70 percent felt that Russian-Swedish relations were either positive or neutral. To the question "what first comes to your mind when you think of Sweden", the most common answers included "a developed country", "prosperity", "quality of life" and the concept of a "Swedish family".

One of the main sources of the tense situation between Russia and Sweden is to do with combat aircraft.

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